The Gift Card is valid in any VIA MODA shop in the Principality of Andorra for buying any article on sale. It can be acquired in all the VIA MODA centres by means of any of the forms of payment accepted by the company.

Its non-returnable purchase value is equivalent to the amount shown on the front.

The card is the property of VIA MODA. It is valid for two years from the acquisition date or until the completion of the amount shown during that period. Once it loses its validity, the card cannot be used to purchase any item or to claim the unused balance.

During its two years of life it may be used any number of times as long as it has a positive balance. The balance available on the card is the difference between the balance prior to the moment of making the purchase and the amount of the new purchase. The remaining balance of the card can be consulted at any time by way of the VIA MODA Customer Attention Service. If the available balance is not sufficient to cover the amount of a purchase, payment may be completed by way of the customary methods accepted by the company.

The card is a document granted to the holder, who is responsible for its use at all times. VIA MODA accepts no responsibility for its replacement or reimbursement in the event of unauthorized use, theft, loss, destruction or deterioration or any other circumstance.

Returns of articles purchased with the VIA MODA Gift Card will only be accepted with the presentation of the purchase receipt. The amount will be reimbursed by direct deposit to the balance of the VIA MODA Gift Card or by means of a voucher to the holder.

Any dispute which may arise in relation with the card will be submitted to the courts and the legislation of the Principality of Andorra. The use of the card entails the acceptance of both the conditions stated on its reverse and those set out in this document of general use conditions.

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